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Business Promotional Photography & Video

Critical to your website and social media marketing strategy, good quality photographs will help grab the viewer's attention immediately.  Effectively used, images can help drive more visitors to your website, promote social sharing and ultimately help drive business goals toward growth. Websites with images get found on Google searches more often, get more views and drive more clicks.  Your images bring your business personality to life - viewers will get a sense of who they will be doing business with and what value you offer them.  The instant emotion your images create, translates into a higher conversion rate for sales.  Regardless of your business - whether you have an online store of products, or you're offering services to consumers and B2B clients, YOUR images represent your value proposition.

We are in an ever-evolving visual world, and EVERY business benefits from participating.  If photos are a crucial component to business marketing, videos are critical.  Studies show that nearly 80% of social media posts are of video content.  Consumers of all ages are looking constantly for that next clip that will grab their attention and will invariably connect with what they see.  Business Promotional Videos leave more than information for their potential clients - they leave an impression that your business is more legitimate, more committed to their value proposition, and more trustworthy to their clients.

If you are selling specific products, presenting a video demonstrates that you have enough confidence in your product to show it in detail before a customer buys it. If you provide services, you’re also projecting the image of a business that’s approachable, reliable and committed to a top notch customer experience.  Your potential clients will see it, and be that much more inclined to call you. 

Business Promotional Videos
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HFC Short Interview
Sean & Paddy's Limousine
HFC Music Video
Business Headshots

Why invest in a professional Headshot?  The answer is, Why wouldn't you!  With so many platforms in which to present yourself, your headshot paves the way for networking contacts, business partners and potential clients to feel comfortable contacting you.  Your personality can shine through, as well as your professionalism and commitment to quality.  Your business cannot afford to make a weak first impression, especially if setting up a meeting is integral to your growth.