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With an extensive 25 year background in Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Management, Product Development, Client Relationship Management and Social Media/Website Design, I fully understand the variety of ways you can grow your business. In today's visual world, the importance on great quality presentation through photos, videos and eye catching websites & social media pages are critical to promoting your business. Having a consistent look and brand across the multitude of online platforms is no longer a 'nice to have.'  It's critical to your growth. 

After years in the Financial Industry, I began switching from my corporate career in 2007 into photography, visual arts and media services, focusing at first on fashion photography in NYC.  As the dynamic of social media changed the way all business owners promote their products and services, becoming more of a multi media service provider to small businesses was a natural progression for me.  Being able to offer a wide variety of digital and visual solutions allows us to partner together, construct the best marketing strategy and provide your clients with a modern, diverse way of becoming familiar with your business' value proposition.  

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